Peter Brum Gold SparklerSparkling Wine with Gold Flakes
Peter Brum Gold SparklerSparkling Wine with Gold Flakes

Peter Brum Family of Noblesse German Wines

BRUM stands for success, continuity, and nobility. PETER comes from the founder of the company and dates back to 1636, when Peter founded his company in Germany. The term NOBLESSE indicates the wine comes from premium, noble grapes. Origin of these premium can be traced to Germany's Rheinhessen and Mosel-Saar-Ruwer.

Peter Brum Wines are imported by Zenzen Wines USA and generate sales in 21 states through 33 distributors. Sales remain on the rise due to the exquisite packaging, consistent quality and value in the bottle.

The Zenzen family represents 13 generations of wine growers.  Peter and Regina Zenzen own and operate Zenzen GMBH, a winery based out of Kaisersesch Germany. Michael Seltzer directs all operations of Zenzen Wines USA, on behalf of the Zenzen family in Germany.

About Goldsparkler:
The packaging design, the label, the beautiful blend of juices from Italy (Trebbiano), Germany (Riesling and Rivaner) , and Spain (Airen) make this product so special. An additional attraction is the adding of the real gold flakes during the bottling process. Even it's price point allows for a wide range of consumers to take advantage of this true celebration sparkling wine.

The stats:
750 ml bottle, 3.5 % residual sugar with 5-6 grams acidity per liter; 11 percent alcohol. Wine produced in the Rheingau region of Germany.

Wine can be best described as a straw yellow sparkling wine with a powerfully clean aroma, very fruity and is considered to be medium dry.

Serve well chilled before and after any type meal or simply by itself.

Goldsparkler is truly the ultimate celebration wine, expressing class, elegance, and the finest of quality.


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